Continuous improvement made simple

We believe that continuous improvement works best when the whole team can get involved easily.
LevelUp brings cutting-edge, powerful, fun and authentic continuous-improvement techniques to everyone!

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Find the fastest ways to improve your products and processes

Using our software platform that brings together our favourite techniques and principles from

* No endorsement from the works listed above is expressed or implied.

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Understand your mission

Use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to guide decisions, measure progress and confidence in hitting your targets and prioritise the things that will give the biggest impact soonest.

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Focus on key challenges

Map out the opportunities for improvement, vote on the current top priorities and separate problems from the many possible ways of solving or improving them

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Run experiments

Collect many ideas on how to make improvements, using scope, not time or quality, as the your main variable and try out ideas quickly, with low risk and low cost

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Collect feedback, progress and outcomes

Shape your design as you learn, by doing. Be always ready to comfortably demo and show progress and enjoy sharing your results with the whole team

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Next iteration!

Have your priorities changed now based on the last experiments? Did you uncover other things that now need attention? Maybe you or the team have new ideas instead?

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Become a continuously improving, actually Agile adaptable team!

Our mission is to bring the super powers of continuous improvement to as many teams as possible, and help as many people as possible to get more engaged and unlock their full potential. We want to see everyone in every team being able to get involved and bring their best ideas forwards, and be able to try them in an effective way.

Learn Together

Build a shared understanding of what's important and why

Save Time

Find the shortest path to unlocking the biggest most valuable wins early

Value First

Always be working on the things that make the biggest useful improvement first

Team Focused

Get the whole team engaged on bringing out their ideas and thoughts

Low Stakes

Be able to try interesting ideas with low cost and low risk

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What can you use LevelUp for?

Honestly, pretty much anything, once you understand the principles behind it. We originally wrote the early versions to help startups to build software, especially in the growth phases.

If you're a software team you could get started by just using it to power up your retrospectives, and improve your processes within the team - and if you have things like technical debt, it's a great fit for getting that under control.

If you're running pretty much any business, you will have processes around things like sales, or how you serve customers. LevelUp is designed to help you model and understand these processes, look for the weakest steps, and focus your efforts on making these better.

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